Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Menu

In an effort to simplify things around here I've put together a two week dinner rotation for spring. I'm hoping to go through this for 3 cycles for a total of six weeks. I think by that point we'll all be thoroughly sick and tired of the menus and looking forward for something new!

I'm doing this because I'm fed up of coming up with menus once a week! The breakfast portion of the meal plan will be the same every week but that's okay :)

I didn't bother with the lunch menus because the kids make their own lunches with what's on hand and they all take something different.

I did the groceries for two full weeks today. I shouldn't have to go back to the store except for a few produce items...we'll see how it goes!

Spring Menu

monday------cereal or toast, oj
tuesday----- smoothie, boiled egg
wednesday--- pumpkin or banana loaf or bagels and cream cheese, oj
thursday----- oatmeal with fruit and nuts
friday-------- cherry or currant coffeecake or fruit muffins

monday------ hamburgers or hot dogs, chips and salsa
tuesday------ chicken pot pie, salad
wednesday--- carrot & sw potato soup, brie, bread, crudites and cake for dessert
thursday----- tuna casserole, green and yellow beans, carrots
friday-------- baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread
saturday----- pasta w/tomatoes, artichokes and bacon, salad
sunday------- stewed chicken, new potatoes, bok choy, beets, biscuits
monday------ grilled sausages, potato salad, green salad, bread
tuesday------ cajun pork loin, sauteed greens, cheese cornbread
wednesday--- pea & spinach soup, cheddar, bread, cake for dessert
thursday----- lemon sole, sweet potatoes, broccoli
friday-------- falafels on pita bread, pudding
saturday----- baked potatoes w/broccoli, cheese and bacon, salad
sunday------- lasagna or pizza, salad, bread

*****alternate meals (just in case I have one of those days!)
veggie fried rice, grilled cheese and tomato soup

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MommaBear said...

awesome.. I should come up with something like that!