Monday, September 20, 2010

Since school began my normal rhythm has flown out the window. Because my morning gets thrown off it ends up throwing every single bit of the rest of the day off, including my weekly plan. So after two weeks of this mess I decided that it was time to rework the routines a bit. The biggest changes are in the morning but the remainder of the day has gotten some attention too. As has my weekly rhythm.

Because I'm still not back at work it has been easy to fit everything in. It's not so easy when you're working an 8 or 12 hour day (as a nurse I do both). For now this will work for me. When I do return to work the plan will likely remain the same with the knowledge that if I'm working on a particular day then things will get put off until the following day or just not done that week at all. It is impossible to make a plan for a traditional work week because I don't work the same days or shifts from week to week.


~have lemon drink, make coffee, tidy main floor
~computer, drink coffee
~make breakfast, eat with kids, take vitamins
~do dishes, clean kitchen
~sweep main floor
~swish and swipe bathrooms, pick up bedroom
~workout, meditate
~skincare, shower, dress
~weekly chores
~creative time

~journal, cup of chai
~dinner prep
~dinner, take vitamins
~kids dinner chores, blog updates, herbal tea
~time with kids, husband
~skin care
~check calendar, prep for tomorrow
~gratitude journal, prayer, read


clean master bedroom and bathroom, do my laundry, do groceries and run errands. Take garbage out and put up new menu.
clean main bathroom and powder room. Launder towels. Clean living room, dining room and entryway.
change and launder sheets. Water plants
clean kitchen, do cooking and baking projects. Josh and Sam laundry.
Maddie and Nate laundry.
kids household chores and clean rooms.
church, then brunch. Clean fridge and collect garbage. Design week’s menu based on produce and sales, then make grocery list.

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Anonymous said...

i really really like this. i need to do this, craving it in fact. might sit down and do it right now thank you, find a little routine would do us good.