Thursday, September 3, 2009


Along comes fall and everything changes. Kids go back to school or start the homeschooling year or as in my case, both. In the summer I try to get all my cleaning, grocery shopping and other errands out of the way in one day. Impossible to do during the school year. So, time to set up some new schedules. We'll see how it goes!

House routine

M -Launder sheets and towels. Water plants. Clean 2 bathrooms. Dust, sweep, wash floors etc... on main floor. Collect garbage. Put out recycling.

T -Take out garbage. clean kitchen. cooking and baking projects.

W-Do groceries, get gas and run other errands. Clean upstairs.

S -Kids clean bedrooms and rec room. Vacuum basement and change kitty litter.

Workout routine

M -functional fitness exercises, long walk/hike

T -ff exercises, strength training, short walk

W-ff, walk/jog

Th-ff, strenth training, short walk

F -ff, walk/jog

Sa-ff, strength training

Nathan homeschool routine

M -grammar, spelling, math, canadian history, art

T -grammar, spelling, math, canadian history, cooking, french

W -grammar, spelling, math, american history

Th-grammar, spelling, amth, french, creative writing, science

F -poetry, literature, creative writing, science

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